Subjects Private Tutors Cover

Many students each year buckle down to complete tests which are significant factors to determine which college they will get into. This is why many students choose to be tutored by a private tutor. They understand what it will take to help a student reach their full potential and achieve the highest score on the test that they possibly can.

From the SAT to the MCAT or LSAT, there are multiple subjects which private tutoring can help students with. Improvement in these subjects can allow students to achieve excellent scores on SAT’s or even further a student’s’ understanding of a topic when taking a prep course for an important test.

So what can you, as a student, do to minimize your student loans and consequential debt?

Fortunately, there are a variety of financial aid options available to students from all different financial situations, backgrounds and locations.

Let’s Break It Down…

How private tutoring helps with standardized testing

The SAT/ACT/PSAT tests have specific formats. There are timed sections and multiple subjects within the test and a private tutor can help with these sections. The tutor will take the time with the student to practice their timing on these standardized tests and determine which topics they need to work on to increase or improve their test score.

Private tutors can focus on an individual’s’ specific areas of difficulty on the test, while prep course instructors do not have the time to answer the questions of everyone in the course.

A private tutor also can help a student to create tangible goals. They are able to listen to the student to understand, for example, where they want to go to college. Each college has different expectations for what score their potential students should receive on the SAT’s. A private tutor can take this information and determine the best approach to earning the score the student needs.

To get the score the student is aiming for, a private tutor will create a study plan. Sometimes, on their own, students do not always think about time management and how it will benefit them in the end. A private tutor will teach the student this life skill without overwhelming them. For example, if the test is six weeks away, they will suggest an amount of time to study overall, such as 30 hours. They will then break it down into five hours a week, which seems much more manageable to the student than 30 hours of studying last minute. Private tutors teach students valuable skills like this that are used for school work and can be easily translated into the student’s’ future career.

Can private tutoring help with the MCAT or LSAT?

A private tutor keeps up to date with the constantly changing formats of these prestigious tests. It can be difficult to find information on the current year’s test model. When it comes to the MCAT or LSAT you may hear of a lot of students not doing exceedingly well on them, as they are difficult. However, Lion Academy Tutors regularly has students admitted to top tier medical schools due to their excellent scores on the MCAT. This is just one example of the success that private tutoring can bring a student who takes these tests.

What tests do Lion Academy Tutors prepare students for?

At Lion Academy Tutors, the tutors we employ scored in the top 1% on the test they teach. This ensures they understand the pressures of the test and can give advice based on their own experience. We offer tutoring for the SAT, PSAT, ISEE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT and many more. Private tutors provide the personal insight that other instructors can not to obtain the greatest possible success for a student.

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