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Customized SSAT Prep From Top 1% Ivy League Educated Tutors. Our customized process elevates the traditional one-on-one tutoring model by pairing each student with a mentor whose qualifications and teaching methods are most suited to that student’s unique goals and learning style.

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Our Customized Approach Delivers Results

Our SSAT students are young individuals. We craft a personal SSAT Preparation tutoring plan for each student’s academic goals, age, learning style, his/her schedule and availability and any special requests.

A Lion tutor is matched based on his/her compatibility with each student. Students learn the best test taking strategies and benefit from our in-depth subject knowledge. Lion students gain the confidence that comes with being well prepared.

  • Initial meeting and Assessment of Needs

  • Tutor Matching

  • Tutor Sessions

  • Progress Monitoring and Parent Updates

“…They were professional, thoughtful, and knowledgeable in their capacity as educators and managers. They evaluated my son’s needs and perfectly placed him with an outstanding tutor. I was so impressed with their expertise and support that I referred several friends, who have been thrilled with the results.” -Elizabeth B.

Our SSAT tutors offer broad in-depth knowledge, proven academic excellence, and a passion for helping others succeed. Their own SSAT test scores are in the top 1% nationally.

All Lion tutors are currently top performing students or recent graduates of Columbia University and have been selected by Lion Academy according to the highest possible standards.

Lion Tips For SSAT Preparation

The SSAT(Secondary School Admission Test) is required in many independent schools. SSAT is a test of basic verbal, quantitative and reading skills compared to other students at the same grade level across the country. The SSAT is given at 3 levels, for admission to grades 4-5, for admission to grades 6-8 and for admission to grades 9-12.

At Lion we’re committed to staying current with all SSAT modifications so that our students benefit from the most recent test models available.

Our deep experience, extensive test materials and diagnostic tools provide the preparation our students ask for to optimize their SSAT test performance.

  • Always speak up and ask questions of your tutor.

  • Giving 100% effort during practice will give you the most improvement.

  • Practicing test taking strategies will make them second nature during the actual SSAT.

  • Time management is key to success.

  • The day of the test, be on time with the materials allowed.

  • Getting enough exercise, sleep and eating well always improves performance.

  • Manage nervousness and use it to your advantage as your tutor advises.

  • Remember guessing guidelines and best test taking strategies.

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