SHSAT 2017-2018 dates

SHSAT Dates to Remember!

Date Event
September 7, 2017—October 12, 2017 Registration time! You can do this through your school counselor
October 18, 2018 Test Tickets and/or Audition Tickets will be distributed with the date, time and location of your test
October 21 & 22, 2017 8th grade SHSAT
October 29 & November 4, 2017 9th grade SHSAT

SHSAT make-up test

SHSAT for 8th and 9th grade students who are English Language Learners or students with disabilities who have IEPs or approved 504 plans


October 28, 2017—December 2, 2017 LaGuardia High School Auditions
March 2018 Receive your SHSAT scores and Specialized High School admission results through your school counselor

Top 3 Tips for Acing the SHSAT

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare


You will find a great deal of pressure is taken off of you if you start preparing for the SHSAT well in advance. No more of that last minute studying or realizing hours before the test that you don’t understand something. Start studying the summer before the SHSAT. This will allow you to space out your studying and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.


  • Commit to a study program


Whether it is a program you create for yourself or you enlist in an SHSAT course, routine study habits are a step towards passing the SHSAT. A course does however, provide more opportunity to get help from an advisor or tutor.


  • Be attentive in school


For many students it can be hard not to daydream during class, but the best tip for acing that SHSAT is to PAY ATTENTION. The tests will reflect a lot of the subject matter covered in school, so the best way to get a head start on your studying is to pay attention to your teachers and the lessons they are explaining.

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