Private Tutoring Benefits

Whether a student wants to improve a grade or push themselves to exceed their own expectations, a private tutor enhances a student’s’ experience with education and helps them to achieve their goals. If you aren’t sure that private tutoring is for you, we hope we can provide you with the information you need to make that decision. Here is our list of the top 10 benefits of private tutoring.

1 – One on One

Private tutoring is more personal and allows the subjects the student is struggling with most to be addressed. In a classroom environment, an instructor has 20 to 30 students with questions and is not always able to take the time to find why each student does not understand a concept.

2 – Focus on learning obstacles

If a student is struggling with a specific subject such as, math or writing, a private tutor can find the best approach for the student to overcome their difficulty with the subject.

3 – Convenience is key

Private tutoring gives you the chance to decide where and when you want the tutoring to take place. If the student is heavily involved in extracurricular activities, a private tutor will work around these. So, make it easy for yourself! Pick a place that is close to home, at home or close to your work. There’s no reason to go out of your way , so take advantage of this aspect of private tutoring!

4 – Real life skills

Private tutoring not only teaches school based subjects, but it also teaches students organization and responsibility in all of the work they do, whether it is in school or their daily routines.

5 – Tutor works at the pace of the child

A perk of private tutoring is that the tutor will not move on until understanding is achieved. In a classroom, an instructor may move on and things can only get more confusing if a student did not understand the beginning of the lesson. In private tutoring there is no need to rush a student. The tutor will understand that each student learns at their own pace.

6 – Positive environment

In a classroom, teachers have to teach multiple subjects and are under pressure to meet deadlines and complete syllabus material. A private tutor specializes in a subject and they have chosen to be a tutor because they are passionate about the subject. This can make a student more motivated to learn.

7 – Boost in self-confidence

It can be difficult to do well in school if a student is losing confidence because of constantly receiving lower grades or grades they are not content with. A tutor can help to show a student they can succeed in a subject they may be struggling with. This will help the student to realize what they can accomplish with hard work.

8 – Improved testing skills

Private tutors can help to overcome weakness in tests. This may include a specific subject or even working on time management skills.

9 – Questions are welcome

Often students are nervous to ask questions in a classroom environment because they are embarrassed to not know the answer. With a private tutor, the student is reassured that they are in a safe environment and are able to ask about anything they are confused about.

10 – Continuous Feedback

Unlike meetings once a term in school, parents will have updates constantly with a private tutor. The parent can schedule meetings at the end of every session, once a week, or once a month. Private tutors will make sure parents are kept up to date on their child’s progress.

At Lion Academy Tutors, we understand that it can be hard to ask for help. Private tutoring is a commitment and takes hard work, but the feeling of success after achieving your educational goals is always worth it and in the end will benefit you in your future.

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