Understanding who we are begins with learning about Mike Newcomer, our founder. 

Mike Newcomer is the founder of Lion Academy and a tenured tutor. Despite an early love of chemistry experiments conducted under his parents’ bathroom sink, Mike found himself losing interest in his monotonous high school science lessons. That all changed when he wound up in the class of one outstanding high school chemistry teacher, who encouraged Mike’s curiosity with student-led lesson plans that reignited his interest in science and ultimately led him to pursuing and receiving a Biophysics PhD at Yale University.

Mike quickly learned the effectiveness of relatability in teaching environments. He began tutoring high schoolers in math and science throughout undergrad and graduate school, and while at Yale, he taught college classes in general chemistry and advanced quantum mechanics. Helping students succeed academically and understand complex subject matter inspired Mike to start his first business devoted to personalized education. He has since brought his vision to his work with Lion Academy Tutors.


Valedictorian Georgetown College

Ph.D. Theoretical Biophysics Yale University

15 years of tutoring experience

SAT: 1540

ACT: 34

MCAT: 41

LSAT: 173

GRE: 1580