How to Choose a Private Tutor

Does my child need a private tutor? Where do I start to find a tutor? Is the tutor qualified? How do I know if the tutor is a good fit?

These are all questions that can run through a parent’s mind when starting the process of finding a private tutor.  It can be overwhelming as a parent with all these questions hovering in your mind. That’s why your friends at Lion Academy Tutors are here to remind you what to look for in a tutor.

A private tutor can help a student to have grade improvement within months to even weeks if they apply themselves. If a student is willing to take advice from and listen to the tutor, 100% of the time the student will pass standardized testing, which improves the chance of them getting into the college they prefer.

Have we got your attention? With so many different forms of communication and platforms to gather information from, there are many ways individuals may seek out a tutor.

Discuss Getting a Tutor With Your Child

It is hard for a lot of students to admit they need help in a subject. Speaking with them before hiring the tutor will make sure they feel involved in the decision making. If the student is forced to attend tutoring sessions, improvement may be less likely.

Make sure the student is comfortable with the tutor

If a child does not trust or connect well with their tutor, the child may be less willing or able to learn the subject of focus. By finding a tutor the student is comfortable with, they are able to feel they are in an environment where they can voice which topics they need help with.

Consider convenience and budget

Whether the tutoring takes place at your home or in a public library, consider where it will be most convenient with your schedule. In addition, make sure the tutor you choose is compatible with your busy schedule. It is important to consider this to avoid having to miss or postpone sessions.

Check tutor credentials

Ensure the tutor you choose has experience teaching the subject the student is struggling with. Tutors can specialize in a specific subject which allows them to understand the most effective ways a subject can be taught to help a student succeed in meeting their goals.

Get recommendations

Asking other parents or teachers about tutors they have had successful experiences with is an important step. This can reassure you that the tutor you choose has succeeded in helping a student achieve a higher grade.

Choosing the right private tutor is essential to making sure a student meets their greatest potential. So, start making some phone calls and talking to your friends to find a student success story that could be your child’s story.

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