Is The ACT Harder Than The SAT

Which standardized test is harder? The SAT or ACT?

Neither test is necessarily harder than the other. The difficulty of the test is based on the skill set of a student, so make sure you know your strengths and weaknesses! Let’s help you determine which test may be the best fit for you!

Are you a pro at science and math OR reading and writing?

We will get straight to the point. If you like science and math, odds are you will be better off taking the ACT. There is a science section and the math questions are more advanced and straightforward. If you like reading, writing and grammar, then the SAT is the test for you. The complicatedly worded questions won’t trip you up if you have a good vocabulary!

Anxious in tests?

If you tend to become anxious when taking a test because you worry about not knowing what to expect, a more structured standardized test may be preferable to you. The ACT has always had a predictable structure, in which many sections consistently follow an order of topics. This means you can prepare for how you will attack the questions and there will be no surprises at the turn of a page.

Is there a time-crunch on either test?

The ACT is 5 minutes shorter than the SAT without the optional essay and 15 minutes shorter than the SAT with the essay. If you were hoping to pick the test with more time allotted for it, don’t let this scare you off of the ACT. The more straightforward approach to questions on the ACT means that you could get through the questions faster, making that time difference almost insignificant.

Are questions on the SAT harder?

The SAT has questions which can be confusing because the answer they are looking for may not be straightforward. The graders for this test are looking for your reasoning and the questions are more wordy, which can make it hard to understand for some students.

Is the scoring harder on the SAT or the ACT?

Neither test has a marking advantage, so the way each are graded should not be a factor in deciding which test to choose. Both the SAT and the ACT award only one point per question and do not deduct any points for incorrect answers. On the old SAT, there were deductions given for incorrect answers, but that is no longer the case.
The old SAT also included the essay mark in the total score previously. However, now the SAT has followed the ACT in providing a separate score for the essay portion of the test.

In the end…

There are both pros and cons to each of the tests, but it is most important to consider which test has topics which you are most comfortable with. Both tests will benefit you in your journey to college, so no matter the test you choose, study hard and do your best!

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